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Online payment service as a SaaS solution

Ideal for the customers of your agency

Do you implement companies websites and web applications? Are you looking for a simple payment service for customer projects? Then Payrexx is the right solution for you. Whether one-time bills or recurring payments - The payment software of Payrexx enables a smooth payment process for your customers.

The payment system of Payrexx is targeted and optimized for companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You can easily create payment forms with Payrexx, which you can integrate via a "Pay Button" in existing websites. Thus you do not need to develop any online shops and checkout processes. Payrexx will take care of this for you.

Payrexx enables your customers

  • To accept monthly, quarterly and annual recurring online payments
  • To accept one-time online payments
  • So sell services and individual products directly from the site without any necessary expensive and complicated shop- solution
  • An ideal solution for fee- based events, international sales, sale of services via e-commerce portals, recurrent revenue through Paywalls or subscriptions
  • To integrate the payment page though modal windows, modern iFrames, links or buttons in existing websites
  • To offer all major payment methods and currencies
  • Send own website ( as a link


Payrexx helps you...


Create unlimited payment forms

With Payrexx you can create the payment form with a few clicks. With different colors, fonts, your logo and even with user-defined CSS, you can customize the appearance. You can link the payment form in an email or integrate it in your site.


Start Immediately

Save a expensive in-house development and get started immediately. You do not have to worry about the security or hire a programmer. We take care of this and will make sure that you can start immediately.


Define payment links via parameters

Through the use of URL parameters, you can set payment form standard values in the front panel


Integrate the payment page from anywhere

With the API interface, you can easily integrate Payrexx into your existing applications. You can even integrate Web Hooks with Payrexx. It is also possible to send the payment link via email or to share on social media platforms.


Involve worldwide payment services

By connecting international payment service providers (PSP), you can use Payrexx worldwide. Payrexx makes it possible, to involve payment service providers from over 45 countries.


Sell Mobile

Your customers are mobile. Is your shop too? With Payrexx, payment sites are already automatically optimized for mobile.

Start immediately with Payrexx

After signing up, start by selling products, collecting donations or planning an event. Take advantage of our free 30 day trial and test all features. 

  • 1

    Open a free Payrexx account Payrexx-Account.

  • 2

    Select the desired payment methods.

  • 3

    Share the Payrexx sales link on social networks, use it via email, or link it to your website.