Online payment for eGovernment

Reduce your paperwork

Ideally suited for e-governments

Do you want to optimize your payment procedure? Are you looking for a contemporary and convenient online payment service for your residents? Then Payrexx is the right solution for you. You can enable your residents to order and pay any kinds of documents online. Payrexx software enables for you and your customers a smooth and fast payment process.

The payment system of Payrexx is targeted and optimized for e-governments. Let the resident pay legal documents via the payment form of Payrexx and then send the document by e-mail to your customers. With Payrexx, you can create impressive payment forms in a short period of time. You can integrate these directly in your website or send them via mail. Thus you do not have to develop any complicated and expensive online shop and checkout system.

Payrexx enables you to

  • Accept one-time payments online 
  • Accept recurring payment online
  • Integrate the payment page through modal windows, modern iFrames, links or buttons in existing website
  • Offer all major payment methods and currencies
  • Send Payrexx page ( as a link
  • Accept payments directly from the site without any necessary expensive and complicated online shop solution.

Payrexx helps you to...


Get paid faster

Let your customers click on a link, enter their credit or debit card information and pay immediately. Thus, the payment process will speed up and your customers will appreciate this.


Let your customers pay from anywhere

Payrexx payment pages automatically adapt to the device being used allowing your customer to pay with a smartphone, tablet or computer.


Design the payment page

You can design the payment page according to your taste: choose colors, select fonts, and add a logo, if you like. Many easy to use customization options are available in the Payrexx account.


Manage your customers easily

You have a realtime overview in your account of every transaction. In addition, you can any time export the customer data to an Excel spreadsheet.


Share payment page anywhere

Let your customers pay directly on your website by integrating your Payrexx page into it. You can also send the payment link by email to the customers, so that they only need to click on it, to pay.


Start Immediately

Without any programming skills, you can accept your first payment within five minutes. You do not have to worry about the security or hire a programmer. We will look after this and make sure that the start is smooth and easy for you.

Start immediately with Payrexx

After signing up, start by selling products, collecting donations or planning an event. Take advantage of our free 30 day trial and test all features. 

  • 1

    Open a free Payrexx account Payrexx-Account.

  • 2

    Select the desired payment methods.

  • 3

    Share the Payrexx sales link on social networks, use it via email, or link it to your website.