Payment & reservation solution for hotel

Payrexx special payment tool for hotels and hotel booking platforms

Perfect for hotels and hotel booking platforms

Would you like to accept reservations and partial payments with one click from your customers without paying a ridiculous fees and commissions to booking platforms? If so, Payrexx is the right solution for you. You can easily send the paylink to your customer by email, SMS or even share it on your website or social media. Once the customer clicks on the paylink, he can fill out the form with the information that you require, upload passport copy and confirm the booking by entering the credit card details and pay either full or partial amount for staying at your hotel. You can always refund the amount to your customers credit card, if the customer requests to pay in cash or any other reason.

Typical reservation procedure with Payrexx: customer calls your hotel and asks to reserve the room. You confirm availability and ask your customer for an email address and send a paylink. Customer confirms the email receival and then you could already finish the phone. Once the customer confirms the reservation by clicking on the link in the email you receive the notification by email as well.

Payrexx enables you to

  • Accept one-time payments online 
  • Accept reservations and down payments online
  • Accept payments by phone and email
  • Integrate the payment form through modal windows, modern iFrames, links or buttons to your personal hotel website
  • Send paylink ( by SMS, email and social media


Payrexx helps you to...


Get paid faster

Do not wait until your customers pay. Let them click on a link, enter their credit or debit card and pay immediately. If this is a reservation, you can always refund it later from your Payrexx account.


Track and accept payments on the go

Payrexx account has responsive design allowing to track payments either with your smartphone, tablet or PC. Your customers can pay with their smartphone, tablet or PC as well.


Design the payment form

The payment form can be designed according to your taste with your hotel logo, colors as well as information that you require from your customer. Everything and much more is available on our user interface.


Manage your customers with ease

You can track full payments and partial payments realtime in your Payrexx account. In addition to that, you can anytime export customer data to an Excel spreadsheet. This provides you with an overview of all customer data within one document.


Share payment form anywhere

You can send the payment link via mail, SMS or share on social media with your guests. Also, you can let your guests to pay on your website. Then they only have to click on the link to proceed with the payment.


Start immediately

You can accept your first payment or reservation without any programming skills within five minutes. You do not have to worry about the security or hire a programmer. We will look after this and make sure that you can start immediately.

Start immediately with Payrexx

After signing up, start by selling products, collecting donations or planning an event. Take advantage of our free 30 day trial and test all features. 

  • 1

    Open a free Payrexx account Payrexx-Account.

  • 2

    Select the desired payment methods.

  • 3

    Share the Payrexx sales link on social networks, use it via email, or link it to your website.