What's Payrexx?

Payrexx simply explained

As a holistic and cross-industry solution for payment processing on the Internet, we go to companies and institutions in various fields. We do not only serve customers from the trade, gastronomy and IT industry, but also cooperate with authorities, municipalities, educational institutions, associations, and service providers. The wide range of our customer base shows: Payrexx is not confined to a particular application, but offers a universal, yet individual solution for everyone.

This is how it works

Online payments in four simple steps!


Create a Payrexx account

Register for free with your email address and choose a name for your own Payrexx universal link (desiredname.payrexx.com). You will receive a confirmation email upon successful registration. Confirm your registration.


Select payment service provider

Now you can choose a payment provider and make a corresponding contract. If you wish to start accepting payments immediately than activate Payrexx Payments.
If you want, you can add more service providers later. You obtain a high flexibility by connecting multiple payment providers and can use the appropriate provider nationally as well as internationally.


Create a One Page Shop

Create a One Page Shops to start accepting payments with your Payrexx account. You can create as many One Page Shops as you want, each according to your wishes and expectations.


Send One Page Shop via email or link it to your website

Once you have created a One Page Shop and activated a certain payment provider, you will get access to the One Page Shop link that you can send via email or link it to your website.

Leave your competitors behind.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors with Payrexx.