How Payrexx works?

Payrexx simply explained

Payrexx simply explained

As a holistic and cross-industry solution for online payment processing, we serve companies and institutions in various industries. In addition to retail, gastronomy, and IT industries, non-profit & public-sector organizations, associations, & clubs have also adopted Payrexx as their major tool to accept online payments. As the wide range of our customer base shows, Payrexx is not confined to a particular industry or application; instead, we offer a universal, yet flexible payment solution for everyone.

This is how it works

Online payments in four simple steps!


Create a Payrexx account

Create a free Payrexx account with your email address and choose a name for your own universal Payrexx link ( You will receive a confirmation email upon successful registration.


Select payment service provider

Nu kan du vælge og aktivere en foretrukken Payment Service Provider (betalingsudbyder). Det nemmeste er at aktivere er Payrexx Payments som betalingsudbyder.

Hvis du vil, kan du aktivere flere betalingsudbydere senere. Ved at aktivere flere betalingsudbydere får du stor fleksibilitet. Du du kan beslutte, hvilke betalingsudbydere du vil tilbyde nationale og internationale kunder.


Customize your One Page Shop

Customize your One Page Shop by uploading your corporate logo, selecting fonts, and adding products.


Send and share One Page Shop link any way you want or link it to your website

Once you have created a One Page Shop and activated a payment provider, you can start selling your products and services or accepting general payments online.
Share your One Page Shop on social media, send it by email or SMS, or integrate it into your website and get paid!