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Do you provide your customers with custom solutions as well as standard services? Are you looking for a simple payment solution to get paid for your service? If so, then Payrexx is the right solution for you. Whether you need to accept a payment for an individual project, or provide your customers with a service on recurring basis, Payrexx enables you to create individual proposals. You can provide detailed descriptions of the service your customers will get and send the proposals as well as invoices by link. Once your customer receives the link, they can click on it, fill out their personal information on the payment form, enter the details of their preferred payment method, and proceed with the payment.
If you are selling standard web development and design packages, you can simply create a payment form that lists all of your packages on your personal Payrexx form and then integrate the form into your website, share it on social media, or send it by email or SMS.

Payrexx is a cloud-based solution that is always up-to-date, providing your customers with an innovative and convenient way to pay for your services online.

Payrexx enables you to

  • Accept one-time payments online 
  • Accept reservations and down payments online
  • Accept recurring payment online
  • Integrate the payment form through modal windows, iFrames, and links or buttons into an existing website
  • Offer all major payment methods and currencies
  • Send your link ( by SMS, email, and social media
  • Accept payments without any programming skills


Payrexx helps you to...

Create professional payment forms

With Payrexx you can create a payment form with a few clicks. Different colors, fonts, your logo and even user-defined CSS allow you to customize the appearance. You can send the payment form by paylink, an email, or SMS as well as integrate it into your website.

Start Immediately

Save on expensive in-house development and get started immediately. You do not have to worry about the security or involve your IT department. We take care of this and will make sure that you can start immediately.

Add parameters to paylinks

Using URL parameters, you can set certain information on the payment form such as currency, payment purpose and many more.

Share and integrate payment form

With the API interface, you can easily integrate Payrexx into your existing e-commerce platform or website. You can also use web hooks with Payrexx. Paylink is also easily shareable on social media and can be sent by email or SMS.

Activate worldwide payment providers

By activating international payment service providers (PSP) with one click, you can use Payrexx worldwide. Payrexx allows to activate payment providers from 45 different countries.

Responsive design

Payrexx payment forms automatically suit to the corresponding device allowing your customer to pay from smartphone, tablet or PC.

Start immediately with Payrexx

After signing up, start by selling products, collecting donations or event fees. Take advantage of our free 30 day trial and test all features.

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